Friday, May 21, 2010

Walmart Kick-Off Party!!

Yesterday, we attended the kick-off party at the North Bergen Walmart Supercenter. It was totally amazing!
The kids were put into one of the Walmart rigs, with a really wonderful driver named, Bob. Bob drove the kids around to the front of the store, and I helped them prepare for their grand entrance.
Among our guests were TV crews, reporters, and 11 different Walmart stores were represented. Jerry, the DM for Walmart, and Phil, from Children's Specialized were there, too. Of course, no CMN event for us would have been complete without our lovely Miss NJ, Ashley!!

When the kids came into the garden center, everyone was clapping and cheering. Music was playing and everyone was taking video and pictures. It was so overwhelming.

We all sat down, and listened to the great guest speakers. Everyone had wonderful things to say about Mackenzie & Michael. They talked about how strong they are, and how inspirational. It was absolutely amazing.

Miss NJ then gave Mackenzie a tiara and Michael a ribbon, and then one of the people from the Corporate Walmart gave each of the kids a $500 gift card for shopping before their trip!

There were 4 cakes for the kids, and they even sang Happy Birthday to Michael! We ate tons of great food, had a tour of the store, and did some shopping before heading home.

We were featured on a local news program as well, the link is here:

All in all, it was just a fantastic day, and the kids conked out early. Tomorrow we have the Walk N Roll to benefit the hospital, and then Sunday is Michael's 8th birthday. Only about one and a half more weeks and we have our big trip to Washington, D.C. to meet all the other Champions & the PRESIDENT!!!

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