Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Step One! Newark to Cinncinatti!

We arrived at Newark International Airport safe & sound, thanks to my awesome Dad! It was a bit easier this time around because we knew what to expect. As soon as we got out of the car and unloaded the bags, I let the Delta attendant know who we were. We were immediately escorted inside where another attendant was waiting with a smile!

We even got to see our escort from our trip to D.C., and he helped us through security-which took all of 5 minutes!-and down to the Delta Sky Club. We are now sitting here watching the planes take off, checking out the TV, surfing the net, and eating pretty much everything the club has to offer! LOL

The kids, I can tell, are building with excitement! I think we might see one of our Champion friends in Cinncinatti, too. We can't wait!

More later....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Orlando Here We Come!!

Well, it's certainly been a while since we last updated, but we have just been on a total whirlwind since we got back from Washington, D.C.! We've had lunches with Miss New Jersey, been to concerts with Nick Cannon, done a bunch of walks for our awesome hospital, Children's Specialized, had TONS of ice cream at various Dairy Queens, been to baseball games, met the NY's just been GREAT!

Tomorrow, we will be heading out to Orlando, Florida to be reunited with what we know are the best children, parents and staff CMN has to offer to the world. Not only that, but we'll have the honor to meet ALL of Canada's Champions as well!

This is very much a bittersweet trip for us. We lost our friend, and fellow Champion from Maryland, MacKenzie Stuck not too long ago. It will also be difficult to say goodbye to everyone on Sunday, not knowing when we will see one another again. But, through the next 5 days, I am certain we will all make the very best of this wonderful trip and truly enjoy one anothers company!

I know our family would like to take this opportunity to thank Delta, WalMart & SAMS Club, Marriott, Disney World & their staff, the CMN Staff, Newark, Cincinnati & Orlando Airports, and most especially, Children's Specialized Hospital, for nominating Mackenzie & Michael for this true honor. Without their support, love, and encouragement, all of these wonderful events would still be just dreams. Thanks so much for making everything we wished for come true!

I'll update during the week!
The New Jersey Champion Family
The Wight's

PS-Attached are some photos of what we have done since June!